• Pre-Purchase, Condition and Valuation Surveys of Ships, Yachts and MOUs..
  • Hull & Machinery Surveys on behalf Owners, P&I Clubs, Underwriters & Charterers.
  • On / Off Hire Surveys.
  • Damage & Repairs Surveys.
  • Dry-Docking Supervision.
  • New Building Consultancy.
  • Marine Insurance Claims Reviews.
  • Scanning Ship's Class Records.
  • ISM & ISPS Audits.
  • Expert Witnesses.
  • Technical Advices to Lawyers.
  • UT thickness Measurements (Gaugings).
  • UT & MPI Inspections, including underwater.
  • UT Tightness Testing of Cargo Hatch Covers & Closing Appliances.
  • Welding Inspections.
  • Measurement and Analysis of the Wetness of FRP Hulls.
  • Cargo condition surveys.
  • Pre-Loading Surveys.
  • Draft Surveys.
  • Stowage and Lashing Surveys.
  • Design studies and supervision of the new buildings and conversion.
  • Owner's representation during fabrication, commissioning and delivery of vessel's machinery equipment and structural materials.
  • ABS Consulting Appointed - Representative relative to Marine Survey Services of various types such as but not limited to: Damage Evaluation Surveys, Risk Assessment, Condition Surveys, Tie Down, Load Out Surveys.