Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (Gaugings)

Narval d.o.o. is Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (Gaugings) company approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. (RMRS)

The responsible supervisors are qualified according to EN 473 level II. The operators carrying out the measurements are certified to EN 473 I or II and have adequate knowledge of ship structures sufficient to elect a representative position for each measurement.

Narval gauging teams use Cygnus 1 and Cygnus 4 the most versatile through coating thickness gauges available, perfect for all conditions. Instruments are light, simple, yet accurate and durable. Built with multiple echo single crystal probe technology allowing accurate measurements through thick coatings and displaying only the remaining metal thickness. They are ideal for use on flat surfaces or pipes.