Flag State Inspection


Flag State Administrations have a duty to satisfactory maintain and safely operate vessels. To ensure that registered vessels meet satisfactory standard, most Flag State Administrations have in place system of periodical inspections, carried out by Approved Inspectors.

Safety inspections are normally carried out prior to a ship is being accepted onto a Registry, and annually thereafter. Inspections are comprehensive and include inspection and verification of documentation, general examination of vessel structure, machinery and equipment, and operational testing of lifesaving and firefighting equipment.

Flag State Inspections on behalf of Administrations:

  • Barbados Ship’s Registry – www.barbadosmaritime.com – Annual Flag Safety Inspections, Safety Watch & Yachts.
  • The Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry – www.liscr.com – Annual / Special Safety Inspection, ISM Lead Auditor, ISPS Auditor
  • Transport Malta – www.dca.gov.mt – Flag State Inspections.
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands Ship & Corporate Registry – www.register-iri.com – Nautical Inspections of Yacht, Cargo Ships, Passenger Vessel, MODU, Oil or Chemical Tanker, Accident Investigator.
  • Vanuatu Maritime Services – www.vanuatuships.com – Safety Inspections