The Company Profile



Company Name:

Narval d.o.o.

Managing Director

Igor Šikić, dipl. ing. (Naval Architect)




J.P. Kamova 95 B

HR-51000 Rijeka


Milutina Barača 19

Lučica Torpedo

HR-51000 Rijeka





Mob. +385-91-2022080



  • Pre-Purchase, Condition and Valuation Surveys of Ships, Yachts and MOUs.
  • Hull & Machinery Surveys on behalf of Owners, P&I Clubs, Underwriters & Charterers.
  • On / Off Hire Surveys.
  • Damage & Repairs Surveys.
  • Dry-Docking Supervision.
  • New Building Consultancy
  • Marine Insurance Claims Reviews.
  • Scanning Ship's Class Records.
  • ISM & ISPS Audits.
  • Expert Witnesses.
  • Technical Advices to Lawyers.
  • UT Thickness Measurements (Gaugings).
  • UT& MPI Inspections, including underwater
  • UT Tightness Testing of Cargo Hatch Covers & Closing Appliances.
  • In-water inspections of vessels and offshore structures.
  • In-water civil works; excavations, leveling of bottom, cleaning, bottom surveys.
  • Welding Inspections.
  • Measurement and Analysis of the Wetness of FRP Hulls.
  • Cargo Condition Surveys.
  • Design studies and supervision of the new buildings and conversions.
  • Owner’s representation during fabrication, commissioning and delivery of vessel’s machinery equipment and structural materials.
  • ABS Group - Appointed Representative relative to Marine Survey Services of various types such as but not limited to: Damage Evaluation Surveys, Risk Assessments, Condition Surveys, Tie Down and Load-Out Surveys.

Flag State Administrations:

  • Barbados Ship’s Registry – Narval’s d.o.o. two inspectors are authorized to carry out Flag State Inspections from Venice, Italy to Bar, Montenegro.
  • The Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry – Igor Šikić, Nautical Inspector, ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006 Auditor.
  • Malta Maritime Authority – Narval’s d.o.o. three inspectors are authorized to carry out Flag State Inspections from Venice, Italy to Bar, Montenegro.
  • The Republic of the Marshall Islands – Two Nautical Inspectors.
  • Vanuatu Maritime Services – Igor Šikić, Surveyor


  • Autonav Inc. Canada - Manufacturers of marine steering systems, dynamic positioning and monitoring, alarm and control systems.
  • Cygnus, England - Manufacturers of thickness gauges, hatch cover leak detectors and industrial leak detectors.
  • Halton, Finland - One of the world's leading suppliers in HVAC components, galley ventilation and fire safety as well as airflow management and air distribution.
  • Optimarin, Norway – Environmental treatment of ballast water.

Partner Companies:

  • Aqua Power – Croatia, cleaning all kind of surfaces by hot / cold water and abrasives.
  • IPACS Australia Pty Ltd. Somerton Park, Australia - condition vibration monitoring and imaging technology company.
  • Klima Marine d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia – HVAC engineering, construction and maintenance company.
  • ADMAR d.o.o. Rijeka, Croatia – Class approved servicing and testing of radio communication equipment.
  • Diving Team d.o.o. – Rijeka, Croatia – technical diving company.
  • Takala d.o.o. Rijeka, Croatia – marine mechanics, engine overhauls.
  • Z.O.K. d.o.o., Pula, Croatia, Corrosion protection, painters.

Professional Memberships:

  • AWS - American Welding Society, Member ’95.
  • FEMAS – Federation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and Consultants.
  • HDKBR-CrSNDT – Croatian Society of Non-Destructive Testing
  • SCMS – The Society of Consulting Marine Eng. and Ship Surveyors, Member ‘04
  • SNAME - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Member ’84.